RV And Boat Storage in Midlothian Tx

 Welcome to patriot Rv storage! We are happy you landed on our website. Being the owner of an RV is great. It gives you the freedom to travel around in our beautiful state of Texas and even the entire country. While some full-time travelers live in their RV year-round, staying in trailer parks or national parks, most families who own an RV only take seasonal trips. If you are a proud RV owner traveling in your RV from time to time, you are probably looking for the most affordable place to store your RV. Living in the DFW metroplex has many advantages, including being close to schools, stores, and other facilities. If you live in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, Dallas, Forth Worth, Carrolton, or any other place in the DFW metroplex area, you might encounter problems finding a proper storage place for your RV. Inside the metroplex area, storage spaces are limited and fill up quickly, plus they are often quite expensive. 

Here at Patriot RV and Boat Storage, we offer the most affordable outside storage unit in the Midlothian – Venus area, right outside the DFW area. It is a convenient location, just about 30 minutes South of Dallas. If you are looking for an economical option to store your boat or RV, you have come to the right place.  

The owners, Adam & Cindy, are local to Midlothian. They will take good care of you and your RV, Boat, and all your belongings! They are honest, hard-working, and loyal people who always go the extra mile for their customers. Patriot RV and Boat storage is not just the regular RV storage where you will never meet or see the owners. Here at Patriot RV and Boat storage, we will make you feel welcome every time! The onboarding process is straightforward. You can contact us at this number 972-921-7522,  we will be happy to help you. Our storage facility is secure and safe, Adam and Cindy live on the premises, they will always keep an extra eye out. We offer easy to pay by phone, and we can set up a reoccurring payment if you wish. If you have asked yourself what is the best RV storage is in the DFW area, look no further because you came to the right place!  

As of now, we offer outside RV storage and boat storage. We don't have covered RV storage just yet, but we are working on it, and we will keep you updated. 

In this image you can see two different Rv's parked together.

12.5' x 25' x 0'

RV/Boat/Vehicle/Parking Bonus
RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage


Current registration / Proof of ownership.

Your property must maintain the state required insurance at all times property is on our premises.

Your property is to remain in a ''Pride of Ownership'' condition.

picture of a Large Rv motor home. This image shows the capacity of our storge & parking space.

12' x 35' x 0'

RV/Boat/Vehicle/Parking Drivethrough No Climate Bonus
RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage

We provide storage lots of all sizes. If you need extra room, we have the place for your belongings. Want to free up your driveway? Park your RV here. Leave your possessions in a convenient, safe place. Come to PATRIOT RV & STORAGE!

RV Storage in Midlothian 

Storage Spaces Available at this Facility
(All Sizes are Approximate)

Midlothian is a fast-growing community, about 25 miles from Dallas and Fort Worth, but still has that rural feeling. As of now, the population of Midlothian is about 30,000 people. When Adam and Cindy started this outdoor RV storage adventure, their goal was to solve a problem; they wanted to offer affordable and safe RV storage for people in the metroplex at a convenient location. Because Venus and Midlothian are only about thirty minutes away from the metroplex, it was a perfect solution! Adam and Cindy are now offering the most affordable option to store your RV when you are not traveling. Many people in the DFW area own boats because we Texans like to have fun on the lake on a hot summer day. But in winter, you'll probably don't use your boat that much, and you want to have a proper storage place for it. When you store your RV or boat at our facility, you'll know it's in good hands! As locals of Midlothian, we strive to provide all our customers with the best storage possible. We truly appreciate your trust and support, and it's people like you that keep the local economy thriving!  

Apart from RV and boat storage, we also offer: 

  • Commercial and private fleet storage 

  • Heavy equipment storage  

  • Cargo and shipping container storage 

  • Storage for buy and sell companies 

Image showing Boat that can be stored.

12' x 20' x 0'

RV/Boat/Vehicle/Parking Bonus
RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage

- RV
- Boat
- Toy Trailer
- Travel Trailer
- Cargo Trailer
- Church Vans & Busses
- Commercial Equipment


Overnight Truck Parking  

Searching for truck parking has never been easier. If you are looking for reliable, safe, and affordable truck parking in the DFW metroplex area, you came to the right place! In our storage facility, we have an area designated for truck parking. We understand that driving a truck all over the country can be exhausting, and having a safe and quiet place to rest is a must. That's why we offer this service to all of the truck drivers out there. If you want to check availability or book your place, call us, and we will be happy to assist you! We have the best truck parking rates in the area.  

If you like to stay the night in your truck, that's possible (we can offer coffee in the morning), or if you prefer to stay in a hotel in the nearby area, we offer a shuttle service. Our shuttle service will bring you there and pick you up at the time you desire. 

If you are looking for a rural truck, stop close to the city, we are your best choice! Our location is very convenient for overnight truck parking because it is close to the DFW-area, about 30 minutes away. So if you have to pick up a load in the DFW area, you'll be in Midlothian in no time. There are several restaurants and hotels nearby.  

We offer overnight truck parking, commercial truck parking, weekly and monthly truck parking. If you are looking to rent a parking space for your truck for a longer time, that works too! Just give us a call, and we will work something out!  


U-haul service Midlothian TX

Here at Patriot Storage, we are a proud partner with U-haul. If you are looking for a rental truck in Venus or Midlothian, Tx, you are in good hands! Whether you are looking for any trailer or truck, give us a call, and we will provide you with a free quote!  

At our location in between Midlothian and Venus, Tx, we rent out:  

  • Cargo trailers: easy to tow behind any vehicle. Sizes: 4’ x 8’ - 5’ x 8’ - 5’ x 10’ - 6’ x 12’ 

  • Utility trailers: for towing large, oversized cargo. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. Sizes: 4’ x 7’ - 5’ x 8’ - 5’ x 9’ (with ramp) - 6’ x 12’ - 6’ x 12’ (with ramp)  

  • Car trailers: ideal for long-distance moves. It will save you a lot in gas!  

  • Motorcycle trailers: reserve your motorcycle trailer today!  

  • Trailer and towing supplies: U-haul trailer hitches, hitch balls, mounts, wiring, and lights.  

PATRIOT RV & STORAGE is a family owned RV, vehicle & boat storage business that provides superior customer service in a friendly atmosphere with a secure facility!

If you are looking for secure, reasonably priced & convenient storage facility for your RV, Boat or other vehicles in Midlothian TX you have come to the right place.